Take a look at bad credit loans online today

From time to time, each of us may slightly lighten the household budget. Sometimes it is caused by unexpected expenses, sometimes by unexpected dismissal. In such situations, bad credit loans online offered by https://purplepaydayloans.com/ can be extremely helpful. 

By opting for a pillar, opinions can be an indicator of the quality and favor of this lender. Customers who use the services most often talk about satisfaction with the first loan. This one costs nothing, and if you can’t pay it back on time, we can extend it for several dozen zlotys using the refinancing option.

The minus is considered a short repayment period of 30 days and slightly inflated commissions for subsequent loans (25-30%). As for the consequences of non-repayment on time, everything depends on the amount and the fees already paid. The service provider tries to show favor in this matter and in case of problems spread the loan into installments.

In the context of maintenance, borrowers talk about long waiting times for answering the phone. Opinions on the waiting time for decisions are divided. Some say that the money on their account was available after a few minutes, others say that it did not happen until the next day. Customers who have been entered into one of the serviced databases of debtors (KRD, ERIF, and info monitor) often face a negative response.

The first loan in Good Finance up to PLN 1,000 will cost us PLN 0

The maximum time to pay off a short-term loan is 30 days. To receive a loan from this para bank, we must meet the conditions specified in the contract:

  • be 20-76 years old and have a valid ID card,
  • be a Polish citizen and have a valid registration in Poland,
  • have a Polish mobile number and personal bank account,
  • not have another loan at Good Finance.

If we meet all of the above conditions, we can send a request via the lender’s official website. Whether it will be considered positive depends on our credit history, employment period and current income.